Yesplan is on tour — and this is why you should be coming to see us

If you could define friendships based on the time you spend with someone, chances are your best friend’s name turns out to be Excel. We bet your entire organisation revolves around spreadsheets and emails. Bingo? If that’s a yes, come see us in London, Manchester, Edinburgh & Bristol in February. We’ll show you how organising your set-up the smart way saves you a bunch of time you can now spend on pampering both clients and artists.

Shoot, the ‘doors open’ time has changed. Now you’ll have to manually add it to the website, copy-paste it to all the screens throughout the venue, update the production sheets, not forget about the Facebook event and the email to catering and cleaning. In short, you’re Control-C Control-V’ing like mad, running about 26 different applications.

Make the APIs work for you

Really? Uhuh. Yesplan has got your back. We’ll tell you all about our integrations (less typing = less errors and faster working) and APIs. Make your life easier and learn about the business value of doing so. Let’s make sure all those events run smooth as a baby’s bottom and hell, let’s add some fun to the work, while we’re at it.

It’s user-friendly. For real

We admit, though: software can be scary. Keeping track of everything that’s happening in your venue can be tricky indeed — unless it is nicely visualised and nothing is ever more than three clicks away. Since you work with this software every day, we think it’s important for you two to like one another. That’s why we’ve designed business software that’s reassuringly user-friendly.

Yesplan is all you need

One system, that’s all you’ll ever need. Programming, production, technical details and finances: it’s all there. With everything centralised in one place, you save heaps of time for the whole team. Time you can now spend focusing on the things that matter.

Still not sure? Ask an expert

Of course, reorganising your whole team around one central piece of software takes a bit of planning. So before you commit and put a ring on it, you might like to hear from those who are using Yesplan day in, day out. We understand. That’s why we’ve invited some experts along on our tour. Come talk to our customers, who are always happy to share their knowledge and experience. You’ll discuss best practices in implementing new software and find out first hand how Yesplan has served as the ultimate life hack in their venue.

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