Death to the paper trail

Venue planning

You’ve probably heard this one before. Tech companies tend to claim — whether rightly or wrongly is sometimes the subject of debate — that the product or service they are offering spells the end to a paper-based system. Calendars, notepads and magazines have all been proclaimed dead a few times over by now.

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3 Easy Hacks to Avoid Overrun in your Venue

Timing an event down to the minute is hard. Ask any of your venue hirers – or just draw from your own experience. How often does one of your clients overrun their hire? Still, you want to accommodate them as well as possible.

We talked to our account manager Chris Van Bohemen to discover some of his client’s best practices to deal with overrun.
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5 years of Yesplan – interview with Johan & Andy

2Rivers was set up by Vooruit and Inceptive. Vooruit doesn’t need an introduction, but what is Inceptive exactly?

Johan: Inceptive was set up by three people who were working at the university at the time and were software specialists. The aim was to make planning software for Vooruit. We already knew each other well and were all keen to start something together. Making software for Vooruit was the specific reason. That was our first project. In the meantime Inceptive has become joint-owner of 2Rivers although we now have several other projects.

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5 years of Yesplan: Eddy looks back

Did you believe, 5 years ago, that Yesplan would be in the position it is now? What went differently than expected?

Yesplan had a long previous history in the Vooruit arts centre. A couple of attempts were needed, but in the first year and a half prior to the establishment of the company behind Yesplan, the first version – called Nextplan – had actually been fully developed, from concept to final product. The basis of this product is still intact.

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Yesplan turns 5

In April 2016 Yesplan has its fifth anniversary. Five exciting years during which many organisations in Belgium as well as in The Netherlands started to plan their events with Yesplan. Four years ago, in 2012, Theater aan het Spui was one of the first Dutch organisations which started using Yesplan. We spoke to Egbert Mellema, the theatre’s head of Technical and Facilities management, about how Yesplan has become part of their daily functioning in recent years.

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